Play your own music,
directly from the cloud.

Easily play back the music that is stored on your cloud service, directly in your browser or on your phone. Whether you are at work or on holiday, your own music collection always travels with you.

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A music streaming service for your own music.


Simply upload your music to a cloud storage service of your choice and connect it to Astiga.
No matter whether you use Google Drive, Dropbox, WebDAV or your own media server.

Supports (nearly) everything.

Astiga supports a plethora of cloud storage services, including Google Drive, OneDrive (for Business), Dropbox, MEGA, Amazon S3 (and S3-compatible providers such as Wasabi or DigitalOcean Spaces), Backblaze B2, FTP(S), WebDAV (like ownCloud, Yandex, Synology) and SFTP. If it exists, it is probably supported. Additionally, Astiga also acts as a Subsonic server, allowing you to use Astiga with Subsonic apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, macOS, Linux and more.

Astiga + pCloud

Don't have your music in the cloud yet? Don't worry! Astiga can automatically create and set up a pCloud account for you. When signing up for Astiga, tick the "I also want to sign up for pCloud" box, and Astiga will register both your pCloud and Astiga account, and add your pCloud storage to Astiga. The only thing you'll have to do is upload your music to pCloud.

For more information about pCloud visit the pCloud website.


Subsonic compatible

Take Astiga with you wherever you go. Astiga works with (nearly) every app that supports Subsonic, like the Subsonic app, substreamer and DSub.

Library support

Generate your music library, allowing you to easily access your albums, artists and genres. Searching is supported as well.

Mix playlists

No need to restrict yourself to one cloud provider; you can easily mix audio from multiple sources and save them to playlists.

Works with LastFM

Scrobble all the music you listen to to your LastFM account. Setting it up is just a press of a button.


Automatically fingerprint all your music files, and set their album, artists, titles and album art.


Listen to smart playlists based on your songs' mood.

We care...

...about your privacy

Astiga does not share your information with third-parties. You are the customer, not the product. The only ones with access to your usage of Astiga are Astiga and the cloud storage providers that you use. The only information we share is the information you choose to share.

...about our planet

Astiga is hosted in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and is green by design. The data centre used by Astiga is ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 certified, and uses 100% guaranteed of origin renewable energy, hence minimising our contribution to global warming. [1] [2]

Works wherever you are.

Astiga of course works in your browser and on your phone, but there are many other places where you can use Astiga too. The official Astiga app supports Android Auto, allowing you to easily use Astiga while driving. There is support for your Google Home*, allowing you to easily play back your music without using your phone.

* Currently in beta, not all features may be available yet

Works in all modern browsers.

WAV, MP3, AAC, OGG, Opus, WebM, ALAC and FLAC are supported all supported in Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

Frequently asked questions

The base version of Astiga is totally free. If you want, you can choose for Astiga Premium, which costs €4 for a month, €12 for four months or €24 for twelve months.
Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, MEGA, Amazon S3, 4Shared,, CloudMe, iDriveSync, MagentaCLOUD, MyDrive, OpenDrive, ownCloud, pCloud, Pydio, Storage Made Easy, Strato HiDrive, Synology NASes, Yandex, and many more. If they support either WebDAV, FTP(S) or SFTP, it will probably work.
You totally can! There is an Astiga android app, the Astiga website works on Android and iOS, and you can use one of the many apps that support Subsonic servers, like Subsonic, DSub, iSub, SuperSonic and many more
Astiga focuses on making your own music library available to you everywhere. Astiga does not host any music, but uses your own cloud storage to bring your own music to you, wherever you are. It offers the convenience of a music streaming service, while keeping you in control of your music.
Yes you can. However, Google Play Music has a 50.000 song limit, plus it converts all your music to MP3 with 320kbps. Apple Music has a 100.000 song limit, requires you to use iCloud and has no web player. With Astiga, you stay in full control of your music. We do not limit the quality or quantity of your music; it will be played back the way you provide it.

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