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Play music from Dropbox

We've created a simple, free online tool to listen to the music in your Dropbox account!

We've built Astiga to help you stream music from Dropbox. It's like building your own private Spotify!

This music player for Dropbox demonstrates part of what we've built. Once you authenticate with Dropbox and authorise this page to connect to your Dropbox account, you can browse your music files and folders, play tracks, queue tracks so music plays continuously and more. Music is streamed in its native resolution, so it's ultra high audio quality if you have stored FLACs, lossless ALAC or the like. You even get album art as you play!

But this is just a flavour of what Astiga can do. Premium users get music library browsing, podcasting, library editing, mobile apps and synchronisation... all linked to your Dropbox account (and storage from other cloud storage providers).

Connect to Dropbox
Dropbox music player screenshot

You need a music player that connects to Dropbox and can stream music from your Dropbox storage. On this page, we've tried to make this as easy as possible. There are no signups - the only thing you need to do is authorise this page to connect to #{block('friendlyProviderName')}.

You can do that by pressing the button below:

Connect to Dropbox

Once you're connected, the file browser at the top of the page will show your files and folders inside your Dropbox account. Click a folder name to step into the folder, and click a file name to play it.

Click the "+" icon next to a file to add it to the play queue. This way, you can play music from Dropbox continuously.

This is a web-based music player for Dropbox. As such, any browser that runs this page should be able to play back your music from Dropbox.

Chrome Firefox Safari Microsoft Edge
Windows N/A
macOS N/A
Android N/A
iOS / iPhone
Windows 10 Mobile N/A N/A N/A

If you sign up to Astiga you can also connect one of our apps to the Astiga service, such as our Android, Mac or Windows desktop apps.

This page allows you to build a play queue; to add tracks, re-order them and have the page continue to play the tracks until it gets to the end. You can even add whole folders of tracks.

If you sign up for an Astiga account you can create your own playlists and save them on your account, so you can return to them later.

This page is a Dropbox MP3 player, but MP3 is not the only format covered. The full list of supported audio codecs is:

  • MP3
  • FLAC
  • AAC (MP4)
  • ALAC (Apple Lossless)
  • WAV
  • OGG
  • Opus
  • WebM

Premium members of Astiga also get support for AIFF, APE and WMA formats.

Files are streamed in their native quality. That means, if you've stored a lossless file like a FLAC or Apple Lossless, you can enjoy full CD quality music, streamed from your Dropbox account.

It even means you can stream hi-res music, for the real audiophiles out there!

This page has a play queue. Using the play queue you can stream music continuously from Dropbox. You can show it by clicking the play queue icon on the right of the player at the bottom of the page:

Icon to show the play queue

This is a real advantage over the native Dropbox audio player on the Dropbox website, because that only allows playback of one file at a time.

You can even re-order the tracks in the play queue!

Astiga is a DIY streaming service that allows you to play your music stored in the cloud, wherever it is.

We support multiple different cloud storage services:

We also support WebDAV, FTP and SFTP, so services like Icedrive, Koofr, MagentaCLOUD, MyDrive and OpenDrive will also work. That also means that self-hosted libraries stored on your own premises can be accessed, so ownCloud, Nextcloud and your own native NAS can be accessed.

Astiga is a music streaming service for your own music

Our belief is that ownership of your music library is important.

Control your own library

Simply upload your music to a cloud storage service of your choice and connect it to Astiga.

Connect to your music

No matter whether you use Google Drive, Dropbox, WebDAV or your own media server.

Wherever, whenever

You can then directly play your music back wherever you are.

Google Drive
Amazon S3

Supports (nearly) everything.

Astiga supports a plethora of cloud storage services in addition to standards-based access like WebDAV and SFTP. If it exists, it is probably supported!

Let's get listening!

Subsonic server

Astiga is a Subsonic server, allowing you to use Astiga with Subsonic apps for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux and more.

Library support

Generate your music library, allowing you to easily access your albums, artists and genres. Searching is supported as well.

Mix playlists

No need to restrict yourself to one cloud provider; you can easily mix audio from multiple sources and save them to playlists.

Works wherever you are

Astiga works in your browser and on your phone, but there are many other places where you can use Astiga too.

Android Auto

Easily play music while driving.


Cast music to your TV or audio device.

Google Home

Play your music with voice commands, without using your phone.