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20,000 users trust Astiga as a Google Play Music alternative for your own music library.

Astiga is a music service that puts you in full control of your music library. Choose the music you listen to, where you store music and its quality. Edit your library and sync music to your devices for offline playback.

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What makes Astiga different to Google Play Music?

Astiga is a similar service to Google Play Music; you can stream your own music library to your devices inside your home or outside.

But what makes using Astiga different to using one of the "Big Tech" streaming services?

Your library

You, not an algorithm, are your own best curator. We don't believe in pushing music on you that you don't want, and rescinding music due to "rights issues". Astiga uses your own library, curated by yourself.

No limits

There's no limit to your music library size. Google Play Music's default alternative, YouTube Music, allows a maximum of 100k tracks in your personal library.

Privacy by default

We make money by linking you to your music, wherever you are. We don't sell advertisements and we don't sell your data.

Choose your own player

Astiga is focused on interoperability between your devices and your music. There are no "walled gardens" or forced platforms. Astiga is Subsonic compatible; you can use any Subsonic music client to play and sync your music.


We don't force you to store your music in one place. Instead, we have connectors to all the major cloud storage providers. This means you are in control of where you store your music; meaning you make management of all your libraries easier.

Just the music

Astiga is written by music lovers, for music lovers. We're not interesting in upsells or "you might be interested in..."; we just connect you to your music, wherever you are.

Offline first

Offline is important. We don't all have unlimited mobile data plans, nor high speed mobile Internet. Astiga allows your collection to be synced to your devices for offline, local playback. Ideal when travelling!

Your library, your way

Astiga allows you to re-tag your music so it can be organized in different ways. Tired of being forced into a user experience you don't want? Then rename, re-tag and re-organize your music as you want!

... it exists

Google discontinued Google Play Music in 2020. Since then, music collectors have been looking for a streaming solution for their own, curated, libraries. Astiga is here to provide that service.

Don't take our word for it...

The music streaming service you control

Astiga is like your own private Spotify; a music streaming service that connects your to your music, wherever you are.

Wide storage support

Astiga supports a plethora of cloud storage services, including Google Drive, OneDrive (for Business), Dropbox, Amazon S3 (and S3-compatible providers such as Wasabi or DigitalOcean Spaces), Backblaze B2, FTP(S), WebDAV (like ownCloud, Yandex, Synology) and SFTP.

Works wherever you are

Astiga works in your home and out on the road. The official Astiga app supports Android Auto, allowing you to easily use Astiga while driving, plus you can synchronise for offline access.

Your home music network

Astiga's app supports Chromecast, and you can stream to your browser. There is support for your Google Home, allowing you to easily play back your music without using your phone.

Great for audiophiles

Astiga plays back your music in the quality it is uploaded. We support lossless codecs like FLAC and ALAC.

Includes podcasts

Keep up to date with your favourite podcasts by storing them with Astiga. Download for offline access and to listen on a plan, in a car...

Wide file format support

Astiga supports MP3, AAC (MP4), OGG, Opus, WebM, WAV, ALAC and FLAC.

Switching from Google Play Music?

Ready to make the move? Here are the steps you need to follow. Remember we're always here to help you make the move!

If your music library is currently in Google Play Music or YouTube Music exclusively, you'll need to download it using Takeout.

Altenatively, you might have your music collection already on your computer, in which case you don't need to do anything at all.

Once your music collection is on your computer, you can upload it to any one of the storage services that Astiga supports. Or, you can setup pCloud as part of your Astiga signup process.

While that's uploading - sign up to Astiga:

Let's get started!

Once you log in, you can connect Astiga to your music library.

On the Astiga home page, under Add storage, click your storage provider:

Enter your username and password for your storage provider, and then Astiga can begin synchronising with your music library.

You can immediately browse your music library via its files and folders, or wait for Astiga to synchronise with your library so you can explore your albums, artists, genres and more.

In the meantime, you can add podcast feeds and experiment with mobile apps to connect to Astiga.

Let's get started!